Odelay Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cold Pressed on California’s Central Coast

Family-owned in Paso Robles

Small-batched Arbequina and Mission extra virgin olive oil, made lovingly by hand.

From our Paso Robles-based orchards, we produce small quantities of Arbequina and Mission extra virgin olive oil.
We care for the orchards ourselves. We prune, mulch, and weed the trees; pick the olives, and bottle the oil.
Our entire family is involved in the process. We hope you will enjoy it.

When olives are pressed quickly after picking, fresh extra virgin olive oil is a healthy, good-tasting alternative to many other fats.

Each adoption includes a dedication plaque hung from your tree and a bottle of Odelay Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Each month we share with you delicious and new ways to incorporate olive oil into your cooking.